Bottoms for Every Booty

Bottoms for Every Booty

When we sat down (on our various booties) to create the first Alex + Abby line, we had a variety of ideas and opinions to sort through.  But one of the constant themes was that we wanted to make garments for every day real bodies.  So…the research began.  When the going gets tough, the tough – GO SHOPPING!  In the name of science, we went out and shopped all of our favorite (and not so favorite) brands.  We bought garments in every style and more importantly every size.  We analyzed.  We measured.  We wear tested.  We compared. 


And what did we find?  We found some brands were best left to runway models.  Others seemed meant for professional body builders.    We were channeling our inner Goldilocks looking for the fit that was ‘juuuust right’.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it.  So we set out to create it. 


We took all of our knowledge and research and used it to make super-solid great fitting bottoms.   Bottoms that are thoughtfully engineered to fit real women (us!) with specifications based on real women’s measurements (ours!). 


A few fun, but nerdy, facts about our bottoms:

  • Our factory patterns have more measure points to ensure that just right fit and quality control.  We have over 15 check points just to get the seat right!

  • We fit garments via a 3 step process – 1) length, 2) contouring, and 3) width.  We’ve found doing it in this specific order gives the best overall product.

  • We are a little obsessed with eliminating drag lines.  They are those annoying tension lines that pull across your crotch (or other places).  Yeah, nobody wants those. 

  • Don’t even get us started on the back waistband gap.  Making the effort to take out just the slightest length of the top waistband to sit closer to the body can make all the difference.     

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Fit Tip:   

An easy way to find
your best fit



First, select a pair of bottoms you already wear, and that fit you well. 
Then search for that brand's sizing chart online. 
Compare the size chart for the brand you already wear to Alex + Abby sizing to find your best fit.

Sizing can vary by inches among brands.  So be sure to check your size before you order online!  Nothing is more frustrating than falling in love with new clothes, but having to return them because the size is wrong.

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